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Published April 19th, 2015 by Toback Builders

So you’ve decided to settle down in the beautiful State of Delaware for whatever your reason might be; retiring to a quiet and friendly community, relocating for a career change, or maybe you’ve always wanted to live by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! No matter what your reason, you’ve decided to build a new, custom home or remodel a home you’ve just purchased and you’re in the market for a home builder. Where on earth do you start?!

Well, we’ve put together a short article to help guide you on what things you should be looking for when meeting with potential builders. If you would like to see what questions are good to ask any potential builder, please check out: 40 Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder

1. Make A List

Start by putting together a list of potential home building companies in the area, making sure they are licensed, certified companies who can complete your project to code. If they aren’t, you could end up having to deal with issues along the way. Also make sure that the companies are able to complete your project in the style you are interested in; if you are hoping to end up with a super-modern home, don’t look at companies who specialize in traditional homes. A home builder should be happy to provide you with homes they’ve already built, and if not then it’s a major red flag.

2. Do your Homework

Once you have your list, it’s time to start asking lots of questions. Ask the builders anything that you might think of, especially if you have requests you feel may be unusual or specific to your future home. Also, make sure there are no restrictions with the builder; do they only build in certain areas or communities? How long should you expect until your project will be complete? Are there any types of projects they do not accept? Are they any specialties of the builder?

In addition to talking with the builder, try to talk with home owners who used the builder. Are they happy with their home? Were there problems, and if so were they fixed quickly? Would you buy from them again? People will usually tell you if they are pleased with their homes, and if not, they will probably tell you why. At the very least, be sure to drive by homes to see if they are visually appealing to you.

3. Be Prepared

On your search, carry a notepad with you to record any impressions you might get from the builder or homeowners. When you’re researching numerous home builders, it’s not always easy to remember the small things that you liked or disliked about one person you talked to or notes you want to look into further.

Also, be prepared with any special requests. Home shows and open houses are great places to get ideas and inspiration, but it’s always frustrating when you’ve realized you’ve forgotten to mention that one idea you saw and absolutely can not live without, only to find out that there are now going to be a bunch of additional hoops to jump through in order to make it happen.

Building a new home or renovating your current one should be an exciting, life changing experience. Don’t let the small details overwhelm you. Make sure to do your research and look around; keep these tips in mind and enjoy the experience!

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