Winter. The season for snow days; going out to play; staying warm by the fireplace; hot chocolate; sweaters, scarves, and gloves; building houses; ice skating on the pond.


Every winter season we have home buyers interested in building, but are hesitant to do so during the winter. They wonder if it is a bad idea because of cooler temperatures and snowfall. But, it really is not a bad idea at all. Most aspects of the building process during the winter work the same way during the summer. In fact, some people wait until spring to build, and then they have a torn up yard for the remainder of the summer


While the home can be built, extra precautions need to be made in order to ensure that your home is sound. Don’t let winter stop you from building the home of your dreams in Delaware. A good contractor will plan well and work swiftly, which will keep costs down. It also lets you know that the home is being built correctly, and soundly.







Frigid Conditions


Most contractors can work in all weather conditions, but have limits – like most of us – on how cold it is to work in. In the winter, daylight stops around 5PM so the days are shorter; the workers have to layer their clothes to stay warm – which results in bulky clothing and slower more condensed movements; pipes can freeze or break, ice can damage parts of the home; and because of that additional measures must be taken to ensure that none of that happens.




Plowing Through the Snow


A winter home building project can be stopped by job access site problems. After significant snowfall there can be plowing and shoveling expenses so that the crew can access the home.




Job Site Challenges


On a construction site in the winter, the contractors will usually race to finish the framing and roof construction before snow or freezing rain happens to the interior. Even if the weather cooperates, days are shorter, and that gives the workers less daylight to get the job done.








Build home Quicker


Building your custom home in the winter, allows it to be finished for the summer season; when we are more likely to have outdoor parties. Building in the winter, means that permits are approved faster because less people are applying for them. You don’t have to sit on the permit!


Not to mention most construction work slows down in the winter, as less is being built in the off season, which frees contractors up for more jobs.


Stronger Foundation


Pouring a foundation in cold weather can result in an even stronger foundation than normal, however it may take longer for the cement to cure.




Weather Conditions


If there happens to be a huge blizzard during the construction phase, it is easier to tarp off the home to keep the snow out, rather than protect the home during a rain-storm during the rainy months.




You’re in your home quicker


Obviously, choosing to build in the winter instead of waiting until spring means you will be in the home faster than the guy down the road building 6 months later than you.




Saving yourself a headache with the yard


During winter, you are inside more. So having your yard torn up is not a big deal. Those who start building in the spring, usually have to deal with dirt and mud throughout the summer.




You are Building During the “Off Season”


This means that not only is it easier to line up contractors, but they are more likely to stay on schedule because they have fewer projects going on since it is cold.




Faster Permits


Since it is slower during the winter, government agencies will be less busy. So, you can get your permits quicker than Joe down the road, who will be either A) sitting on them for months, or B) waiting in a long line, unlike you, you smart person you.


All in all, building in the winter is a project, by all meanings of the word. We hope that this will help you as you are making the decision about building at the beach in the winter or not. Winter is a better time to get started so that you can hit the ground running, so to speak.


Until Next Time Friends…
Nicole D., Resident Toback Blogger

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