Well, I guess it’s time to let you learn about our team members! I am going to start with myself, Nicole D.; of course, since I am the easiest to write about (only because I know me better than anyone else in this office!)


Just me in the car on my way to work!


I was born and Raised in Long Island, New York. I have spent about 23 years there, and since 2007 I have relocated myself several times, to several states (Florida, Virginia, Texas and now Delaware). I find that I like rural and beachfront living combined. Even in the winter, as it is very soothing for my soul. I loved living in Virginia (except the only body of water was a river), it is by far my FAVORITE state; so I tend to vacation there a lot. I have no pets, and no children, which allows my work to consume my life; and honestly, I like it that way! I am unsure if this matters, but if you ever deal with me personally in the office these three things are VERY important: My favorite color is Green, my favorite music is Alt Rock & Metal, and my favorite place in Delaware is Rehoboth Beach.


I have been with Toback Builders for about a month already (and I really love working with these guys). They keep me on my toes, and this building industry is a good one for me, as it is ever changing and I am always learning new things! Since my arrival at Toback, I even find myself combing through countless interior design content and developing a deeper understanding of the company’s design process! I really hope, that I can help Matt and Michele grow the Home Renovation / Custom Home company; and the Kitchen and Bathroom company, far beyond what we are now.


I have been working very hard to grow our web presence, and keep us organized here in the office. You can always find me answering the phones, updating our website, posting to social media, or filing something. It is always a busy day for me here. My main job here at Toback Builders is to assist Matt in his day to day activities, and make sure the office is kept. But I do more than that every day. I like to think of the office as my second home, and the Toback Building Team as my second family.


But when I am not in the office, you can find me working on my side business, or playing video games at my best friends. Maybe I will be at the beach collecting shells or rocks. Sometimes, you will find me enjoying a night out on the town. Most of the time though, when I am off, I hightail it out of the state for some R&R at my cousins’ house =D


Well, that is it for me today! I am signing off, and enjoying the rest of my afternoon puttering around the office…


Until next time friends…
Nicole D., Resident Toback Blogger

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