Chances are you already know what you want as a buyer, but affirmation goes a long way in choosing a new home with Toback Builders. Who wants to waste time on tedious debate when there’s so much living to be done?! Choosing a custom home fit for active living and accommodated for long term occupancy well into retirement, can be effortless when key features and ideas are kept in mind. And our winning choices are…






(Houston, we do not have a problem.)


Empty nest living grants quite a few luxuries. Firstly, more “your” space with less need for space. Unless YOU don’t have to clean it, typically you want not much more sq ft than you really need. This is a sweet spot usually ranging around 1800-2500 sq ft. One-story plans are suggested for long term retirement to avoid the burden of stairs, but not entirely required as features can be added to make stairs accessible for everyone. Typically, 2-3 bedrooms, a guest room and perhaps an office if desired. But it never hurts to have a little extra room in the garage for a golf cart, especially in areas designed around active living.






(Lets face it, it is all about presentation…)


This almost goes without saying, but a master bathroom that you love, and has space for any updates/equipment necessary for the latter years is crucial. No one wants to deal with an extensive costly remodel during more pressing times when we can have the required space and features already present.


A Tidy, functional kitchen within a reasonable area to limit the mileage between your hot spots (fridge, stove, sink);
Ergonomic and accessible. Ease of use and access isn’t just for the golden years. These things are simply more convenient all around. Lever handles to reduce grip strain, pad-style switching for lights, and if you want to go the extra mile, pull-out cabinetry as opposed to deep-set cabinets makes using the kitchen faster and safer.


Affordable utilities is something everyone desires, AND green energy. Toback has partnered exclusively with a solar company, to bring solar standard homes into the fore-front of new home construction in and around Delaware and Maryland. Solar panels are the next big thing in custom homes!






(go where you want to be)


Picking an ideal area is a natural part of the new home process. Many local Delaware and Maryland locations have fantastic grounds for new home construction in areas for active adults. Delaware’s own beaches and surrounding areas including Lewes Beach, Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, and Bethany Beach offer prime real estate locations with local tax-free shopping for retirement living on the eastern shore. Not to mention near-paradise living with Fenwick Island, Delaware and Ocean City, Maryland locations. All offering beachfront property (both bay-side and ocean-side).




Toback Builders will work and communicate with you through the design process of your home, so that you feel assured that you can get the dream home you have in mind. We want you to be confident that your house is going to be what you want now, and will also accommodate your future needs. Choose us to be your go-to contactor and friend in the business.




Until next time friends…
Nicole D., Resident Toback Blogger





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