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Hello! Welcome to our new and improved blog! We are Toback Builders, and this is where you will find the latest and GREATEST news on everything Custom Homes! From the newest trends in design (interior & exterior), Remodel, Kitchen and Bathroom renovations, to interviews with our employees (yes, there are wildly interesting people running around here, starting with me of course!)




Specifically, we will be touching on subjects such as: Our Stories (from all of our employees, so you may get to know the team); Tips when buying a new home, or building a custom stick built home; Finance; Community & Lifestyles; Design; and Testimonials for homes we have already built, remodeled, or renovated! Plus, you will see our progress with new projects, some cool how-to ideas, answers to frequently asked questions, and MORE!
Along the way, we will try to make this blog a tad more interesting to read than your VCR’s user manual! =D




We have been around for a while now, and it is finally time for us to speak up and let our voices be heard. We are always hard at work in Delaware, and Maryland. We like to work all over the Eastern Shore. We have finished projects from Ocean-front Condos to Beach-front Homes in Milton, Lewes Beach, Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, and Bethany Beach; as well as Ocean City, Maryland and surrounding areas. Expect to hear exciting things from us, as we invite you on our journey across the Eastern Shore!




So, Bookmark this blog! E-mail a friend, colleague, or family member, and let’s crank up the volume on news at Toback Builders! Please E-mail, call, or visit us! Our showroom hours are from 10AM – 3PM Monday-Friday, or by appointment. Come take a look at our newly renovated showroom (located at 20375 John J Williams Highway in Lewes), and let us know what YOU want discussed and showcased in future posts (also, take a look at the samples we have to show you for flooring, windows, and cabinets!) Your feedback is very important to us!




Until next time friends…
Nicole D., Resident Toback Blogger



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